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The men and women of today’s fire service are confronted with a more dangerous work environment than ever before. We are forced to continually change our strategies and tactics to accomplish our tasks.

Our methods may change, but our goals remain the same as they were in the past, to save lives and to protect property, sometimes at a terrible cost. This is what we do, this is our chosen profession, this is the tradition of the fire fighter.

Fire Department Memoriam Flag

The fire service of today is ever changing, but is steeped in traditions hundreds of years old. One such tradition is the sound of a bell.

In the past, as fire fighters began their tour of duty, it was the bell that signaled the beginning of that day’s shift. Throughout the day and night, each alarm was sounded by a bell, which summoned these brave souls to fight fires and to place their lives in jeopardy for the good of their fellow citizen.

And when the fire was out and the alarm had come to an end, it was the bell that signaled to all the completion of that call. When a fire fighter had died it was the mournful toll of the bell that solemnly announced a comrade's passing.

We utilize these traditions as symbols, which reflect honor and respect on those who have given so much and who have served so well. To symbolize the devotion that Firefighter had for his duty, a special signal of three rings, three times each, represents the end of our comrades’ duties and that he will be returning to quarters. And so, to our fallen brother who has selflessly given his life for the good of his fellow man, his tasks completed, his duties well done, to our comrade, his last alarm, Brother Firefighter you are going home.

Lima Fire Department
Deceased Members

William Kelly 1961
Harrison Gibbs 1962
Harry Jacoby 1963
Frank McDonald 1963
Raymond Ollerenshaw 1966
George Mix 1968
Shawn Otis 1969
William Johnson 1972
George Hanrahan 1975
James Kane 1975
Herman Meyers 1975
William O'Brian 1975
Raymond Nichols 1976
C. Earl Fraser 1978
John Reynolds 1979
Carl Roeser 1979
Ronald Olds 1980
Lewis C. Garling 1981
Jim O'Connel 1983
Harold Simmons 1983
John Rawlins 1984
William O'Brian Jr. 1986
Levern Semmel 1986
Peter J. Franskavish 1987
Pete Lakis 1988
Phil Swartz 1989
Alvin "Red" Hayes 1989
Edward S. Steward 1990
Wallis H. Deller 1990
Sears E. Harvey 1992
Robert Uhl 1992
Raymond "Red" Dinhart 1992
James H. Gleason 1993
John R. "Jack" Tubbs 1994

William Flansburg 1995
Raymond A. Plain 1995
Donald R. Gibson 1995
James A. Merritt 1995
Ronald G. Pike 1996
Paul M. Moore 1996
Clarence H. "Red" Schmitz 1997
Harry G. "Jerry" Nolan 1997
Bruce F. Coxe 2001
Ralph Van Huban 2001
Douglas I. Trescott 2001
James H. Erskin Jr. 2002
James Phil Brisbane 2003
James F. Pierce 2003
Duane C. "Knobby" Harvey 2003
Charles J. Domville Sr. 2004
Carl R. Frew 2004
John Albert "Al" Baross 2004
James V. Cook 2005
Eugene F. Klink 2005
Jeremy "Jay" Lavey 2006
Bruce M. Pease 2006
John W. May 2007
Robert H. Knapp 2008
John A. "Jack" May 2008
Stephen M. Pattison 2012
Raymond B. Luft 2012
Gerald E. "Jerry" Smith 2013
Michael D. "Mickey" Pribanich 2013
Click here to hear Mickey's last call
Rev. James F. Doyle 2013
William F. Harvey, Sr. 2013
Nelson "John" Roffe 2014
Rev. Lawrence A. Gross 2014
Jeffrey R. Kase 2015
Click here to hear Jeff's last call


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